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Opinion pieces

Advisory boards a small business secret weapon

10 October 2019

Advisory boards are a secret weapon in the growing small business’ arsenal.

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Review of Small Business Fair Dismissal Code

8 August 2019

Frank the plumber has a big day ahead of him with lots of jobs on the books. His labourer, Kyle, turns up for work late again and clearly feeling the effects of another boozey night out.

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AFCA legacy complaints

18 July 2019

The Banking Royal Commission may be over, but sadly there are many Australian small businesses that still carry the scars as victims of bad behaviour by the banks.

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Business email compromise scams

18 June 2019

One of the most financially harmful scams affecting Australian businesses, including small businesses, is the ‘business email compromise’ scam. Australian businesses lost $60 million to this scam last year.

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The workforce challenges of rural and regional Australia

23 May 2019

Small businesses in rural and regional areas have a lot to contend with right now. Ongoing drought conditions have taken a heavy toll, not only on farmers, but also on the wider community.

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Teamwork - That's How Small Business Will Thrive

16 January 2019

“When it comes to small business heroes, there are three women, across three tiers of government have joined forces to make the plight of small business less onerous and more productive.

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Small business needs to embrace digital

18 October 2018

Australia’s capacity to remain competitive in the digital economy is contingent on our ability to harness the value of data.

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Illegal phoenixing costs small businesses over $3 billion annually

15 October 2018

A key small business issue we are working on right now is illegal phoenixing. This is costing small businesses over $3 billion annually.

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