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Opinion pieces

Insolvency Practices Inquiry reveals small business pain points

23 December 2019

As work on the Insolvency Practices Inquiry continues, my office has heard many harrowing small business stories, shining a light on the failures of the insolvency system as well as the challenges faced by industry professionals.

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My Business Health a lifeline to stressed small business owners

12 December 2019

Mental health is a serious issue for Australia’s small business community, with the Productivity Commission’s draft report into mental health finding the cost of absenteeism and presenteeism to the sector is over $17 billion per year.

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Ombudsman: better protections of employee wages needed

20 November 2019

The federal government ought to make it easier for hard-working Australians’ wages and entitlements to be calculated correctly and paid on time.

We want Australian workers to be paid what they are owed, at the right time.

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Lending to small business crucial to economic growth

15 November 2019

With interest rates at an all-time-low and the RBA Board minutes today confirming Australian economic growth has s

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Small businesses urged to have a say on franchising sector reforms

12 November 2019

Small businesses in the franchising sector are crying out for meaningful reform that encourages genuine cooperation between franchisors and franchisees.

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Insolvency Practices Inquiry launched

11 November 2019

This week my office launched an inquiry into the insolvency system, to investigate if current insolvency practices achieve the best possible outcome for small and family businesses in financial trouble.

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Ombudsman launches Review of Supply Chain Financing

7 November 2019

Supply chain finance is a growth industry in Australia.

Greater understanding about the impact supply chain financing has on the small and family business sector is needed.

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Shopping small has big impact on communities, economy

22 October 2019

There’s nothing small about the impact small businesses have on our communities and the national economy.

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