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05 February 2018

This week in small business with Ombudsman Kate Carnell #6

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell, talks about notifiable data breach reporting, Australia’s minimum wage and IT service providers.

National Data Notification System: “The National Data Notification System comes into effect on 22 February. If you’re a small business or not-for-profit with a turnover of more than $3 million, or you’re a business in the health care arena, you will be covered by this. If somebody steals info or gains info from your systems that could cause serious damage to an individual, like physical damage, psychological damage, financial damage or reputational damage, you have to report it.”

To learn more about reporting to the Office of the Australia Information Commissioner, visit their website at

Minimum wage: “This week the leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, gave a speech at the National Press Club and I made some comments about this in the media… This office is apolitical. But my job is to represent small businesses. To make sure that Federal Government policy, legislation and approaches are small business friendly.

“The minimum wage continues to be set by the independent arbiter, that is the Fair Work Commission, they set it every year based upon evidence. We should keep that system and not allow politicians on any side to get involved on what needs to be an independent approach.”

IT service providers: “Get your website up to speed, make it a great window to the world for your business, but the people you employ to help you do that, make sure they understand what you want and the contract reflects what you want.”