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11 December 2018

Project will help small businesses realise benefits of digital technology

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell welcomed the announcement today of the Small Business Digital Champions project to encourage small businesses across Australia to understand and make the most of the digital technology options available to them.

“If small businesses are to remain nationally and internationally competitive, they must embrace digitalisation,” Ms Carnell said.

“We’ve found the most common impediments to digital adoption are not knowing where to start, fear of technology, finding the time and understanding the benefits.

“However, research shows digitally enabled businesses save an average of around 10 hours a week and subsequently increase annual revenue by almost a third.

“We support the Digital Champion concept – a virtual train-the-trainer initiative where small businesses will be able to follow the digital progress of other businesses and see what can be realistically achieved in their own business.

“We also support the Trusted Digital Adviser positions in industry associations, as many small businesses look to their industry association for advice and support on a range of issues.

“Competence in digital technology is vital to a small business’ growth and their ability to employ.

“The statistics are clearly telling small businesses to embrace the digital world: get online, develop a website, get a social media presence, adopt e-invoicing and identify and use the apps that will make your business work better for you.”