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Are you an ADR specialist?

The Ombudsman maintains a list of the country’s premier dispute resolution specialists who can conduct alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes under our legislation and work with us to help keep small businesses out of the courts.  The list compiles affordable ADR providers (clearly outlining price structures to ensure cost transparency) and is shared with small businesses who have come to us seeking assistance.  

We invite all interested and accredited ADR providers with experience in commercial mediation to apply to our office to be considered for the list.  Prospective candidates will be assessed through the following criteria:

  • Approach (such as timeliness, efficiency and ability to draw to a resolution)
  • Character (such as emotional intelligence, empathy, persistence and patience)
  • Skills (such as active listening, clarifying, reframing and summarising)
  • Ethics (such as professionalism, integrity, neutrality and impartiality)
  • Service (such as fees, geographic coverage and access to suitable premises)
  • Training, knowledge and experience (such as qualifications, breadth and case history)

Please note that placement on the List does not guarantee any minimum number of ADR appointments.

If you are interested in being included on the list, please review the List Agreement and submit a List Application (.word or .pdf) to

For further information, please contact Dr Craig Latham (Deputy, Office of the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman) on 02 6263 1500.