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The Small Business Cyber Security Best Practice Guide.

Cyber security

Cyber security is all about protecting your information and your business from being compromised while online. If you use the internet on any device, you’re at risk of a cyber-attack. This could be from loss or corruption by bad practice, or from hackers who steal, trick or ransom businesses out of their money.

The problem is that over a third of small businesses don’t take proactive measures to protect against cyber-attacks, and most are happy that their anti-virus software will do the trick.

To assist small business owners and decision makers, we have prepared a Small Business Cyber Security Best Practice Guide to:

  • expose the issue of cyber security, as it affects small businesses;
  • demonstrate the importance of a cyber security policy for all small businesses using the internet;
  • recommend best practice principles and actions to protect your business; and
  • highlight the best places to go for more information.

To complement the Small Business Cyber Security Best Practice Guide, we have developed a detailed Small Business Best Practice Research Report, with more information on the recommended actions that small businesses adopt to become cyber secure.

Download the files here: