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Fintech survey

New research will aim to establish current trends and best practice in the growing fintech lending market to small and medium-size enterprises (SME).

Fintech small business lenders are being surveyed as part of a collaborative research project by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) with industry organisation FinTech Australia and independent SME finance expert Neil Slonim from

Fintech lenders are an emerging alternative to banks for small business loans, often through seamless and highly automated online application, assessment and decision processes.

The survey will collect information from fintech lenders that can shed light on some of these issues.

Results will be published in a report to identify industry best practice and help SMEs to better understand their fintech borrowing options.

The survey results will also inform fintech lenders how they can help SMEs by improving the transparency of their lending products and by clearly communicating the rates, costs, terms and conditions of their products.


Key Facts

When you submit information to us using this service, it's treated sensitively in accordance with data protection principles.

For information you submit:

  • The Office of the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) is the data controller
  • Go Hosting is the data processor
  • FinTech Australia has data access for analysis and processing purposes (privacy policy)
  • has data access for analysis and processing purposes (privacy policy)
  • Survey Monkey is the survey platform (privacy policy).

Further Information

This survey is managed and conducted by ASBFEO. ASBFEO is subject to the Privacy Act 1988 which requires that we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) as set out in the Privacy Act. The APPs regulate ASBFEO’s obligations in relation to the collection, storage, use, disclosure, quality and security of personal information and access and correction rights of individuals in relation to their personal information.

The ASBFEO’s information handling practices are outlined in its privacy policy (privacy policy). This document sets out all of the information required by APP1.4 of the Privacy Act and outlines how an individual may seek access or correction to their personal information or make a complaint about how ASBFEO has handled their personal information.

ASBFEO is collecting this data under the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Act 2015 (ASBFEO Act) for the purposes of the ASBFEO Act. FinTech Australia and are bound by the requirements of the Act for the purpose of confidentiality of data. Privacy policies for FinTech Australia and are also listed above.

Confidentiality of survey results

All information contained in survey responses, including the name of your company, could be made available to the public on the ASBFEO website. You can indicate that you would like your survey responses to remain in confidence and this will be considered by the Ombudsman.

Legal requirements, such as those imposed by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Act 2015 and the Freedom of Information Act 1982, may affect the confidentiality of your survey responses.

For further information about this study, please refer to the fintech survey and the project outline paper.

To assist you, a glossary of standardised terms has been developed.